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Cullman County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Matt Gentry

Captain Floyd Lee, Warden

The Cullman County Detention Center, located at 1900 Beech Avenue S. E., Cullman, Alabama, open since May of 2005, is a 326 bed facility.  The Cullman County Detention Center is an integral part of the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office and provides a service to the citizens of Cullman County and the Cullman County Court System.  The Cullman County Detention Facility serves to house pre-trial felony defendants and those convicted of misdemeanor offenses in the county district courts. The Cullman County Detention Facility also provides detention services for all municipalities in Cullman County and for the U. S. Marshals Service in the Northern District of Alabama.  A staff of 44 Detention Officers, a medical staff including a Physician, Nurses, 1 Medical Administrative Assistant and a Maintenance Technician are essential in detention center operations.  The structure has 3 primary housing units for male inmates and 2 primary housing units for female inmates.  The facility is also designed with several temporary holding cells for observation of inmates during booking procedures and monitoring in the immediate hours following their arrests.


The Cullman County Detention Center also has an active work release program for both male and female inmates.  Those inmates who participate in work release have been vetted and classified as suitable candidates for the program. Those inmates qualifying for the work release programs are housed in dormitory type facilities equipped with bunk beds.  The work release program allows sentenced defendants to go into the community in the Cullman area and have gainful employment with various companies and businesses who are instrumental in support of the work release program.  Work release allows inmates to earn an income while incarcerated.  An inmate’s income pays for their own housing, food and clothing while incarcerated.  Additionally, sentenced inmates serving short custodial prison terms and, who are also under court ordered obligation to pay court costs, fines, restitution and child support, are able to financially contribute to those assigned debts through working.  Work release allows the individual inmate to develop skills and sometimes a trade.  In many instances upon their release from incarceration, inmates go on to obtain full time employment with these participating businesses, lowering the rate of criminal recidivism.

The staff overseeing this facility takes pride in assuring that inmates are treated in a civil and fair, but disciplined manner. All operations of the facility, from the jail kitchen, food preparation and serving, maintenance of all systems, electrical, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, surveillance and camera systems, as well as defense attorney’s access to meet and consult with their clients are crucial entities in the jail’s operation.  It is our goal to provide the citizens of Cullman County with a safe, secure, and clean Detention Facility.


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To report criminal activity anonymously, call the secret witness number at 256-734-0210.

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