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Inmate Trash Detail

Inmate Trash Detail

Inmates with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office work year round, weather permitting, to keep the highways of Cullman County clean of trash and litter. Four nonviolent inmates work under the watchful eye of a Cullman County Sheriff’s Deputy and have removed tons of trash and litter such as paper, bottles, clothes, tires, tarps, etc.

Sheriff Matt Gentry believes the Inmate Trash Detail crew is a great program on multiple levels as it helps keep Cullman County roads clean. Inmates don’t just sit in jail, but get out and be productive and pick up trash. Finally, someone may see them on the side of the road cleaning up trash and decide the path of crime isn’t for them.

Inmate Trash Detail

If a Cullman County resident would like to report a road that needs to be cleaned please email:


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